Top 10 Branding Companies in Dubai

Your search for the best branding agencies in Dubai has come to an end.  We have compiled a list of the Top 10 Branding Agencies in Dubai that you can go through and determine the best branding company that fits your business vision. There are many more amazing agencies we still need to discover, and we will continue to update the list over time.


A digital and branding agency in Dubai, Yellow stands for all that’s bright in business – collaboration, ambition, opportunity, and transformation. They’ve helped businesses start, grow, and thrive here – and feel passionate about enabling entrepreneurial dreams. 

They believe that every organization has a purpose. That its success hinges on how well it understands, acknowledges, lives, and communicates that purpose. This is the essence of what they do as a branding and design agency: helping businesses express their beliefs, internally and externally, to fulfill their ambitions.

They work with companies wanting to define what they stand for. They help those businesses create genuine, long-lasting connections with the people they truly care about. We care about the designs and logos they create and the words they write. And aim to have some fun together along the way.


At Inkpot Graphics, they build bold business brands that position the clients to conquer their business sectors through branding services. Their business branding process is one that is clear, intentional, and proven. They begin by systematically assembling appropriate data about your business prior to sketching out an essential course for the venture. As your brand and brand support are developed by the branding agency team of experts, you’ll be asked to tip the scales at key focuses to give knowledge and input. They’re here to help local organizations go worldwide through our branding companies in Dubai

Regardless of whether you’re an undertaking or a business visionary, advancing industry, or changing the world, they find innovative Branding ways to communicate your preferred position – embedding your brands in the hearts and minds of those who matter. They will use the brand strategy consulting session to look at how your competition is positioned, what they are saying, and how it is being communicated. 

It is essential to see how your branding rivals are seen so we can characterize an unclaimed space in which you can operate effectively through our Inkpot Graphics – Leading Branding Agency in Dubai

Inkpot Branding Companies in Dubai


Deliberately small, perfectly formed to maintain an artistic approach to each project, Zaman is a brand design agency offering unique, thoughtful, and authentic design solutions.

From the definition of the story to the realization of the plan, the studio offers a full creative service within branding, digital, print, publishing, audio-visual, experiential, and spatial.

Since its inception in 1996, Zaman has worked on a wide range of projects in equally as many industries. From small-scale institutions, start-ups to established, fashion labels or boutique hotels it is Zaman’s pursuit to discover the ultimate potential for a project or brand, resolving each design task with clarity, creativity, and authenticity. 


Skyne, the partner to grow your brand. They create, refine and transform businesses, combining creative strategic solutions with outstanding design.

They are Skyne. The passionates. The forward thinkers. And the doers, that make your brand shine and experts of bright brands that get you results. Together in dedicated teams, working in short time frames, they challenge you from different perspectives, to make unknown growth opportunities known. They stand by your side until you get where you want to be. They unite people with different visions to fast forward your brand and create meaningful connections with your people. Skyne, the partner to grow your brand.


The Tonic branding team believes in creating brands people love to love, brands that solve problems and deliver results as they are built with passion and personal commitment.

As a branding agency, they use strategy and creative ideas to create, grow and transform your business and bring your brand to life. Their branding team in Dubai has worked with a multitude of brands from small start-ups to global conglomerates and together with them has defined, re-written, and re-interpreted their story. They deliver a large array of branding services from strategy development all the way to event branding. Depending on client requirements, the brand identity is supported with deliverables like stationery design, collaterals such as brochures and leaflets, digital touchpoints such as website, emailer and presentation templates, signage, and more. 

Therefore, while maintaining the traditional brand structure of beliefs, mission, and vision they go one step further making your brand more interactive and approachable.


Brande is a leading branding agency in UAE with an impeccable reputation for helping businesses develop meaningful, memorable, and outstanding brands. We offer branding services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE to help businesses gain recognition in both the local and international markets. So if you need help with branding in UAE or require assistance with global branding in Dubai, there’s one name that you can truly trust with your eyes closed – Brande!

Brande is proud of every client and our recent ones are Medicare, Aster Clinic, Mashreq Bank, Belhasa Group, KCAL, ProActive, ECO SERV, and Dailyforever52. We are dedicated to working with more clients to help them thrive in their industries.


KATCH, one of the leading branding agencies in Dubai, Katch understands the importance of compelling branding and the vital role it plays in building your brand’s reputation. Captivating branding lies at the heart of engaging communications; it has the ability to grab a consumer’s attention, make a lasting impression and leave your brand top of mind. At Katch, they set ourselves apart from other branding agencies in Dubai by taking the time to properly understand your brand and recognize your needs as a client. In doing so, they are able to create visual magic for your business – branding that truly resonates with your target audience. 

It’s all about making your brand memorable for the right reasons so that you truly stand out. Even though your brand is unique, that isn’t always enough to succeed. Katch creates branding that connects with your audience, content that stirs emotions and amplifies the uniqueness of your brand.


7GMedia, an experienced creative branding agency in Dubai, understands that branding is one of the most important aspects of your business, conveying the promise of your product or service. Your brand’s visual image, words, and sounds comprise the unique language through which it communicates with consumers. A great brand identity design requires more than a good eye for aesthetics; it also requires a solid strategy built on market knowledge and consumer insight. 

The advantage of online branding services from 7G Media in Dubai is that they speak the local language, literally and figuratively. Their years of experience in providing branding services in the UAE give us the benefit of a rich context. They know the ins and outs of the market and consumer behavior in the region. As a leading online branding company in Dubai, this serves as our guide in all branding services from Arabic logo design and other creative services, to typesetting, desktop publishing, and the localization of brochures and manuals.

The competitive edge of 7G Media is represented by an in-depth understanding of the Arabic culture, reflected in the content we create for websites, magazines, animated videos, brochures, books, and other brand assets for your business across all mediums.


Brandinc. is a creative boutique branding and marketing solutions agency operating in Cairo & Dubai. They develop smarter branding and marketing products to help grow your business. Part of being an integrated full-service design agency means working on a range of projects from pure brand creation and strategy, to full brand implementation across digital and physical mediums.

They specialize in both branding new businesses and rebranding existing companies‭.‬ They have a bespoke branding process that enables us to identify a client’s business aims‭, ‬target audience‭, ‬competition‭, ‬core values‭, ‬USPS, and localization requirements for any global expansion which may take place‭.‬

Once the fundamentals of the business have been identified, the naming and logo creation can begin, and once complete, can be rolled out across all platforms to maximize impact and ROI.

10. Brand Lounge 

Brand Lounge, are an award-winning regional branding consultancy and the designated partner of ‘Trout & Partners’ in the Middle East & Africa. With over 15 years of experience in brand consulting for leading corporations across multiple industries and business sectors, they are all about maximizing your brand value through uncovering your point of differentiation. As a leading branding agency in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, they follow a proven, strategy-led methodology for building and growing brands. They develop differentiated brand positioning, clear brand architectures, design unique logos, and visual identities, and deliver practical brand guidelines while deploying the brands’ stories inside-out through content creation and engagement plans.

As one of the top 10 experts of branding in Dubai, they offer end-to-end services for every client they work with starting from formulating branding strategies to designing, brand positioning, and more. Their focus is to differentiate each and every brand through their four main practices such as Brand Strategy, exceptional brand designs in Dubai, brand space, and brand provocateur.

Apart from this, there are numerous companies that do branding services in Dubai. If you’d like to know more about our services, or if you have any project in mind that you’d like to discuss with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

These are the top 10 leading Branding Companies in Dubai for 2021. If you’d like to know more, stay tuned for more informative blogs.

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