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Need a unique Logo for your business?. Let InkPot Graphics, a leading logo designing company based in Dubai help you design the best logo design according to your brand guidelines. Many brands fail to realize that a well-designed logo can easily grab the attention of their customer and help in creating a lasting impression about their brand. Some of the best logos are those whose business activities can be instantly identified by their customers even without having the name of the brand on it. A logo is the face of your company and most often it is the first thing your customers will notice about your brand. Hence having a distinctive logo can make a great first impression on your customers. It can convey your company's values and virtues without having to read a detailed text about your brand and what it does. So start building trust with our customers and ensure their long-term loyalty toward your brand by having a professionally designed logo. Get started by building your brand identity with one of the best logo designing agencies in Dubai. With a proven track record of working with over 200 companies in the region, you can rest assured that your brand is going to be managed by a well-experienced creative team of experts

Some Of Our Logo Designing Works

Taknis Honey

Neat and classy imagery. Immediately serving its purpose, the honey dipper image is placed in the center with honey syrup trickling down to the upper area of the letter O, giving a layered impression and elemental interaction in the design. When some logo doesn’t need any image at all, this design has marveled intricacy and meaning by careful placement of elements and color selection.


Modestly established. Gold border fresh leaves, and the calming tone of the color green, this logo’s appeal is precise in its product quality intention.

Planet Cafe

The color green has a healing effect and is known to be the most restful and relaxing color the human eye can view. Planet Café’s logo is donned in a bold green color because likewise, coffee has the same effect for some people. Embellished in a compact circle, coffee beans, and an icon of a steaming cup, this logo is as inviting as a cup of aromatic coffee.

Al Munish

Squeaky clean and vibrant. Both in English and Arabic, this logo’s glowing letters are painted blue for a calming effect, and symbolism for cleanliness. A contrasting color of pink as background to emphasize the swirls and shiny bubbles. adorning the text.


Firm and elegant. Perla’s logo has offered both simplicity and brand essence. Using simple stroke for the text, an icon of the rising sun, and the flag colors of UAE, its sophistication has portrayed what the branding label products have to offer:.


Elegant and modern. Stylish strokes accompanied by bright and contrasting colors present the reinvented Mima logo with a new and definitive meaning. The bold and ruddy red color instantly catches attention and stands out from the rest of its competition, sitting alongside the soothing tone of the green color – signifying both nature and organic qualities of Mima’s products. A single picked leaf and an image of the rising sun, all elements work perfectly with each other.

Golden Grain

 Golden Grain is a carefully designed concept incorporating the name to its logo. Striking red as its background, it immediately gives off a look that catches attention. A total eye-catcher. Pinning its bottom with a grain illustration and topping it all off with a baker’s hat, the cursive font face used suited the overall appearance of the logo.

Crystal Planet

An elegant, subjective, and progressive expression by a basic slice of crystal in place of the letter A in CRYSTAL within the generic name, an artistic combination of Copperplate Gothic Light & Notera, coded with the soothing tone of purple and cyan.

Crown Rice

Classic creation. Crown Rice’s vintage influence accompanied by thoroughly selected colors complemented its own brand title. Donning a crown icon and a wheat stem image, it has created its own brand anthem..


Simple yet comprehensive. With the red color as the base of the text, its resilience against its competitors stands out, prominent, and immediately noticeable. The two O’s of the title are creatively replaced by orange and green fruits with three leaves positioned in between giving an overall natural feel of the logo, establishing it all on a clear and vibrant image of a field. This Croom logo has captured both modesty of design and the essential elements necessary for branding..

Chef Way

Specific and clever. The chef image is the pivotal point of this design, while the overall shape is a merged outline of a chef hat and a covered salver Complementing colors and representational shapes give the Chef Way logo the inclusive package for branding.

BSA Food Box

Wholesome and smart. Its imagery of a lady with a large figure slimming into a fit stature is a well-thought and smooth approach in synthesizing that idea with all the images of a healthy diet. Green and gold colors for organic representation and class, a laid-back and elegant look. This design literally has all the nutrients for healthy branding,.

It’s been a short time working with Inkpot and I had a wonderful experience.

They were very professional, spoke the same “action oriented” language and delivered a product that exceeded our expectations

Murad K. BushnqMarketing Executive (Hamleys Toys Company - Retail Arabia UAE)

Ifti is by far the best looking guy I have worked with, his stylish flair and fashion sense make

Inkpot Graphics a innovative market leading company that takes the edge on the competition.

Stephen FlawithBrand Manager (Appetite Catering Dubai)

I have had the opportunity to work with Inkpot Graphics to provide displays for our customers, and have had excellent results each time.

The quality is exceptional, service has been timely and efficient, and I never worry about attention to detail. I would recommend Inkpot Graphics without reservation

Shemaine JonesMarketing Manager (Costa Coffee UAE)

FAQ's on Logo Design Agency

Why designing a creative logo is important?

A logo is important to any business, irrespective of size, revenue, or sector. It helps your business stand out from the sea of competitors.

Not only does a logo grabs immediate attention, but it also helps reinforce your branding message. When people see your messages, again and again, it builds trust — which is core to building a strong brand.

So you should invest proper time and resources in designing a creative logo for your company. Then, use it across all of your assets.

Is logo designing expensive?

Logo design can be either cheap or expensive depending on the designer. Some designers charge a hefty price for designing a logo because they possess vast experience and have served global companies. There is a less-experienced designer who will do the job for a lower price.

When getting a logo designed by a logo design agency in Dubai, it’s important to consider benefits over cost. If you have a business that needs constant marketing and a strong brand, it’s required to invest in an excellent logo.

What should be the color combination for logos?

When designing a logo, you should devote adequate time to using the color combinations. That’s because colors are strongly associated with emotions. For example, red represents passion and boldness. Blue stands for calmness, green stands for friendliness, grey color is neutral. So you need to pick colors that represent your brand.

Selecting the wrong color will convey the wrong message to your target audience, thus effectively reducing its impact.

Logo designing in Dubai can be both cheap and expensive. Best logo design company in Dubai make sure they select the right color after analyzing your brand.

Should I redesign my company’s logo?

You should redesign your company’s logo if you find that your current logo is not delivering the results. Chances are you’ve selected the wrong components or color combination. Or else, your logo is outdated and needs a revamp. It’s not being able to stand out in the crowd and your competitors are doing a much better job.

You should also change your logo if you’re rebranding. Companies often rebrand to get more competitive. So a brand new logo will reflect brand new initiatives and services.

How to find the best logo design company in Dubai?

The best design companies are found easily. Since they’re doing a good job and producing excellent results, more people are recommending them online. So with a simple Google search, you can get a list of top logo designing companies in Dubai.

Go over their website and portfolio section to find the right designer. You should request quotes and ask any technical questions you may have.

Asking for referrals from your friend network is also a good tactic. They’re only going to refer you to logo design companies they’re worked with.

What if I don’t like the logo that is designed?

You can ask for revisions. Simple. If you’re not satisfied with a component or color, ask for it to be changed. And one of the designers will make the modifications.

You may have to pay for the revisions depending on the contract. Therefore, prepare your contract accordingly if you require reworks in the future. Logo design services in Dubai deliver logos after careful analysis of your brand. So reworks aren’t needed in most cases, but you can always request them.

Trusted Logo Design Company In Dubai

A logo is not just a symbol, it is an identity and face of your business, and we comprehend your identity by designing the logo to be unique, productive, and suitable to the corporate world. It gives you a visual identity that people will remember your logo. So it becomes the face of your business – when people think of a company or brand, they will quickly think of the logo. Without an essential identity, it can be much more difficult for your business to stand apart from the crowd through logo designs in Dubai, UAE. Great brands and successful companies all have the best logos as an identity that represent them as a signal that speaks to who they seem to be, what they do, and above all offers trust and reassurance of experts in their industry. When you see a notable logo, you will have just summoned your own memories, experience, and interactions with the logo and right now understand what that logo intends to you.

With over 15 years of experience in advertising & branding for various types of business, we approach each & every logo designing project in Dubai with obsessive enthusiasm. We explore several logo design concepts sponsored by research, in accordance with your business goals, to produce bespoke logos that bring your brand to life. We have continued to serve numerous customers from different enterprises with our creative logo designing services in Dubai. We have encouraged them not just in redefining the way in which their logo appears but in achieving all their essential logo branding objectives and developing a solid brand logo identity to reach out greater to target audience. Nobody can reject that the first logo impression is staggeringly significant in the business world. Your company’s first logo impression can move the needle either in your favor or against you that totally depends on the logo, how much endeavor you make on improving your company’s first impression. The goal of our company is to help businesses transmit impressive logos which adhere to their consumer’s minds and leads them to buy.

Our whole mission is to ensure that your branded logo design comes to life through custom-tailored solutions that intensify and elevate the current market standing of your brand. We offer quick, affordable, and hassle-free services in our Inkpot Logo Designing Dubai. We can distinguish the center designated crowd of your business and develop a logo plan that helps with engaging viably. We will reinforce the overall viewpoint of your business, providing a platform from which your business can benefit, and ensure that the overall vision of the business is reflected inside the logo. Our effective logo designs and style choice are consistently predictable with your brand personality to ensure that our logo design speaks to your brand. Choosing our logo designing service in Dubai is the decision that will pay off in the long run. We normally approach logo designing this way.

Thus, if you are a company looking for a professional logo designing agency or professional logo designer in Dubai, UAE then you arrive at the right place.